Terms and Conditions


By purchasing a PDF pattern from Tie Dye Diva, you are agreeing to the
copyright terms as follows, which appear in every pattern PDF:

Copyright Tie Dye Diva. All rights reserved. This eBook and its contents
are protected by U.S. and International copyright laws; any
reproduction of this eBook or any portion thereof, including electronic
transmission to third parties, is strictly prohibited. Items produced
using the information in this eBook may be used for personal use, as
well as for sale in limited quantities by in-home sewers. We request
that items for sale state that the item is made with a Tie Dye Diva

What this means, in plain language:
All patterns are copyrighted to Tie Dye Diva. You are not allowed to copy or
distribute them or claim any part as your own. Your purchase is for use
by a single user; you may not share the file with anyone. It is illegal
to share, trade, reproduce, or sell my patterns. This includes sharing
them for charitable purposes – for example, you may not share them with a
sewing club making hats for charity unless you purchase a pattern for
each person sewing. We do have some free sewing patterns on the blog and we
are happy to help you locate them.

You are welcome to sell as many items made from Tie Dye Diva patterns as you
can personally make yourself; we do not charge a licensing fee. We are most appreciative if you credit “made with a Tie Dye Diva pattern” or a link to our site when you sell items made from them. Though it’s not necessary, it helps our business grow
and enables us to make more great patterns for you! Happy sewing!