Sew a Peplum Jacket from Clementine Pattern

It’s been a while since we’ve had a pattern hack here at TDD blog, but this one is worth waiting for and perfect for the holidays! Especially if you love wovens (or are afraid of knits) this is perfect for you. We thank Heather at @made_cerahnaomi for turning our darling Clementine into an adorable woven peplum jacket / cardigan perfect for covering up holiday outfits or just any time!

Start with our Clementine Dress and Top pattern. It comes in sizes 12 months to 9/10 years with tunic and dress lengths, neckline options, short and cropped long sleeves, pockets and more. We’re only changing the ‘skirt’ portion so cut out the bodice and bodice liner in your choice of sweetheart or regular neckline per the pattern and your choice of sleeve length and view and sew it on up stopping at the end of Step 4.

Choose double or single peplum style, you can see both in the images above. Both styles can fasten at the bodice with 2 buttons or snaps. The single peplum style can optionally button/snap all the way down.

Heather made hers in really cute and versatile cropped lengths but you can make any length you want. Just measure from your child’s shoulder to where you want the jacket to finish and subtract the following based on size.

SizeSubtract from your desired finished length

Cut 2 peplum pieces the length you found in the prior step and the width indicated in the pattern for the skirts (page 4 of Clementine pattern). We’ll call this the ‘lower peplum’ even if you are only making a single peplum. If you are making a double peplum, also cut 2 upper peplum pieces 1.5″ shorter and the same width.

Example: Suppose I’m making a size 5 and I want the finished length to be 17″. I subtract 6″ from the chart above to get 11″ in length. From page 4 of the Clementine pattern, the width to cut for size 5 is 26.5″. So I cut 2 lower peplum pieces each 11″ x 26.5″. If I’m adding upper peplum I cut 2 each [11″ upper peplum length minus 1.5″] = 9.5″ x 26.5.

Join the lower peplum pieces at one short edge, and join the optional upper peplum pieces at one short edge. Hem the lower edges of both peplums by turning under ¼” and pressing, then under ¼” again and sewing close to the fold (or you can serge the edge and fold over once as Heather has done). If you choose to have your single peplum jacket button all the way down rather than just the bodice portion, add 1.25″ strips of interfacing to the short edges of the peplum. Hem the short side edges of both peplums by folding over ¼”, then over 1″ and sewing close to the fold (or by serging the raw edge, then folding under 1″).

Gather and attach each peplum to the bodice following the same instructions as gathering and attaching the skirt given in the pattern. For the double peplum style, begin with the shorter peplum, then the longer peplum. This will give a better look than gathering both together.

Sew and finish per the pattern, adding snaps or buttons to just the bodice, or all the way down if you prefer for your single-peplum jacket.

Enjoy your peplum jacket!

Hope you have enjoyed this adorable hack! Please give Heather at @made_cerahnaomi some love for sharing this free tutorial! You can find the Clementine dress and top pattern on the Tie Dye Diva website.

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