Fair & Square – Square Neck Top and Dress Pattern for Girls

Fair & Square Top and Dress Pattern features a square neckline, lined bodice with a smoothly enclosed front seam, and complete instructions for top length or dress length in seven sizes. Straight hem band or ruffle options. Traditional back button/snap bodice OR use the no-buttonhole instructions to add a button and loop. Add optional flutter sleeve or leave it off.

Baby sizes of the Fair & Square dress & top pattern and matching 18″ dolly pattern available at the links.

Your PDF download includes computer-drafted patterns for creating this top or dress in six sizes: 2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6/6X, 7/8 and 9/10. All sizes have been carefully drafted and tested. You also receive step by step instructions with full color photos and diagrams that ensure you can sew this with professional results.

Recommended sewing experience: Beginner/advanced beginner

You will receive your PDF pattern as an instant download upon purchase, and you will need Adobe Reader to view it and regular 8.5” x 11″ or A4 printer paper and a printer for printing the patterns. No paper copy of the pattern will be mailed.

Square Neck Top and Dress Pattern for Baby – 0 to 24 months

Baby sizes of the Fair & Square Top and Dress. This square neckline dress pattern for baby makes a cool float dress for spring and summer, and a cozy warm jumper/pinafore in cooler weather. Square neck, fully lined bodice with smoothly enclosed seams, back placket and complete instructions for no-guessing top length or dress length. Optional flutter sleeve.  Traditional back button bodice OR  no-buttonhole instructions to add a button and loop. Straight hem band or ruffle options. Instructions for the bow are included too!

Sizes included: 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months and 18-24 months
Recommended sewing experience: Advanced Beginner

Fair & Square Dress and Top pattern for girls in sizes 2 through 8 and matching dolly pattern available at the links.

You will receive your PDF pattern as an instant download upon purchase, and you will need Adobe Reader to view it and regular 8.5” x 11″ or A4 printer paper and a printer for printing the patterns. We do not mail a paper copy of the pattern.

Square Neck Top and Dress Pattern for 18" Doll – Fits American Girl

This is the popular Fair & Square Dress and Top Pattern, now available for dolly – now you can make matching dresses or tops for your favorite little girl and her beloved 18″ doll such as American Girl (TM)!

Fair & Square for Dolly looks just like the child size Fair & Square but is redesigned for easy dressing by little hands. Just like the child sizes, you can choose top or dress length for a perfect dolly-daughter match, down to the flower accent! *Note, this pattern does not include flutter sleeves for dolly. We will add this to the blog soon!*


This set of instructions for the doll-sized dress totals 7 pages of step-by-step photographed instructions and 3 computer-drafted printable pattern pages.

To make it you’ll need:

  • Two coordinating fat quarters provide more than enough fabric
  • Two sew-in or press-in snaps OR a little bit of sew-in Velcro(TM).
  • Optional small button for flower embellishment

One size fits most 18″ dolls.
Recommended sewing experience: Beginner/Advanced Beginner

You will receive an email containing your PDF pattern as an instant download link upon purchase using Paypal, and you will need Adobe Reader to view the pattern. This is a digital file – you will not receive any paper copy of the pattern or any supplies to make it.

See our other items for the 2-8 years Girl Fair & Square Dress Pattern and the 0-24 months Baby Fair & Square Dress Pattern.

Every Day Top Pattern – Peter Pan Collar or no Collar, Square Neckline, Yoke, 2-8 years

Girls Square Neck Top Pattern By Tie Dye Diva

The Every Day Top pattern is a long sleeved top pattern for girls that can be made with a Peter Pan collar, squared-off ‘split collar’, no-collar square neckline or no-collar round neckline – so many styles she can wear it every day.

No-buttonhole needed button-and-loop back closure. Lined yoke.

Materials list in last image.

Recommended sewing experience: intermediate level.
Sizes included: 2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6 and 7/8 (see Body Sizes Chart)

Your PDF download includes computer-drafted patterns in six sizes, step by step instructions with full color photos and diagrams.

You will receive your PDF pattern as an instant download upon purchase, and you will need Adobe Reader to view it and regular 8.5” x 11″ or A4 printer paper and a printer for printing the patterns. Nothing will be mailed.

Make a Tiered, Twirly Fair and Square Top – Tutorial Tuesday

Today we have a quick and simple tutorial for you!  There’s still a little more time to squeeze in another cute warm weather top, although this one still looks great layered with long sleeves or a cardigan.  Plus, it has twirl factor!

We used the Fair and Square Top/Dress which features a lovely square neckline, includes a hem band or ruffle hem options, and instructions for a sweet little flower.  There’s also a no buttonhole option too if you want to sew this one up even quicker!   It’s available in a variety of sizes, including baby (0-24 months), girls (2T – 8), and even the 18″ doll size.

We’re including two different looks with this modification.  You can add two tiers for a very fun cropped look…

Or add a third tier for a twirly longer tunic/top.

Both are absolutely adorable, especially in these lighter weight cottons.  The apples are a light weight quilting cotton, and the white on black floral print cotton lawn is from Cali Fabrics (psst, read to the end for a special discount from Cali!).  A thicker or heavier cotton fabric might be too poofy with the measurements we’re providing here, but if you want that look, then go for it!

To get our Fair and Square top look, you’ll need to cut these pieces from your fabric:

  • Fair and Square yoke front and back pieces (main and lining) for your chest size.
  • Fabric strips using the appropriate size charts below.  For the cropped top version cut 5 strips, or for the longer tunic/top version, cut 9 strips.

If you need to add length to your top, just select the length according to height size, and the width according to your chest size.  I am making a size 4 chest with a size 5 length, so I cut my strips 6 5/8″ x 21″.

Once you have all of your fabric pieces cut out and ready, you’re all set to sew!  For now, set aside the fabric strips for tiers 2 and 3.  We will come back to those at the end.

First, we’ll begin by sewing step 1 on page 4 of our Fair and Square pattern and continue through to the end of step 5, skipping step 6, and finishing up with step 7 on the bottom of page 10.  We’ll be treating our first tier strips of fabric (there should be 2 strips) like the “skirts” portion in the pattern’s instructions.  When you’re done, you should have an assembled upper top (front/back).

Now grab those tier strips of fabric we put aside earlier.  Taking only the tier 2 strips (3 strip pieces), sew them right sides together at the short ends using a 1/2″ seam allowance, pressing the seams open and finishing them.  You should have a loop after all side seams are sewn together.

Repeat this with your tier 3 strips of fabric if choosing this tunic/top option (you should have 4 strips left) to create another loop.  Once you have your loop(s) done, mark your side seams, and your center front and center back.

Now here is my longer tunic/top version that I’ve assembled out of order so you can see the different parts to get a better idea of what I mean by tiers and loops.  I love visuals!  Makes it so much easier for me!

Now sew some gathering stitches using your preferred method along the top raw edge of your loop(s).  If you want to take a look at the variety of gathering methods you can choose from, take a look at our Great Ruffle-Off! Which Gathering Method is Best? blog post.

Now with your tier 2 loop wrong side out and the top portion right side out, align your gathering stitch raw edge to the bottom raw edge of your tier 1 fabric (the “skirts” tier attached to the yoke).  You will want to match up the center and side points, then begin gathering your fabric until your tier 2 loop fits evenly over your tier 1 loop, and the gathers are evenly distributed.  Sew around this edge with a 1/2″ seam allowance and finish seam.

Press the finished seam up and top stitch close to the edge on the upper loop.

Repeat with your tier 3 loop if necessary, attaching it to your top and topstitching in the same manner.  To finish, turn your bottom hem under 1/4″, press, then turn under another 1/4″, press and sew.

Isn’t this so cute?!  All she needs is a cardigan and she’s ready for fall weather.

I love the way the tiers look in this cotton lawn though, so delicate and light.  It’ll be very easy to layer this under a cute cropped cardigan, wink wink.

One thing I love about sewing with cotton lawn is that although it is a lighter weight fabric than quilting cotton, it is still pretty easy to sew with.  I used a microtex needle and black fusible interfacing for the snaps, and that was pretty much it.  I love the drape it gives to this tiered Fair and Square.  As you can see, it has significantly less “poof” than the lightweight quilting cotton cropped version, although to be fair, it also has the weight of that third tier.

If you’d like to pick up some of this pretty cotton lawn, or one of the other gorgeous lawns, from Cali Fabrics, you can take $5 off off your first purchase over $25 using our unique referral code: http://califabrics.com/?redeem=58f5bd92a18db30013d2c109. You save $5 and we get $5 too for our fabric stash account!

You can find the Fair and Square Dress/Top pattern and more in Tie Dye Diva’s Pattern Shop.  As always, we love hearing your ideas too.  Do you have a Tie Dye Diva pattern hack or tutorial you would like to see, leave a comment and we just might do it!

Tutorial Tuesday: How to add flutters to the Fair & Square Top and Dress Pattern

After a long summer hiatus, Tutorial Tuesday returns today!  Today we turn to the Fair & Square Top and Dress pattern.  This is a pattern I find myself reaching for over and over again.  It is a summer top or sundress but also an adorable jumper in cooler weather.  It dresses up and down.  It is really a perfect go to pattern.

Top length with a border
print and Sterling Leggings
Dress length layered for
fall with a long sleeve
tee and boots
Top length with bias hem
and Pantaloons
Dress length for spring
with a tee and capri tights
Another way to layer. Top length
with skinny jeans and a cardigan.

Today We’re sharing how to add flutter sleeves to the Fair & Square pattern making it even more versatile.  Ready? Let’s get started!

{EDITED: Download the FREE Universal Flutter Sleeve Pattern and Tutorial from our website, no self-drafting needed, and all the instructions you need are included! AND you can now buy the Fair & Square Dress & Top pattern with flutters included right in the pattern.}


Tutorial Tuesday: Create Short Puffed Sleeves On The Everyday Top

The Everyday Top is exactly that. It’s the perfect laid back top for everyday!  The pattern is loaded with neckline options so no two tops need to look the same.  I chose to make this top with a sweet Peter Pan collar.  Today I’ll be showing you an easy way to make one more modification to the everyday top making it perfect for year round wear.  Keep reading to learn how to modify the pattern’s long, slim sleeve into a short, puffed sleeve!

Modifying the sleeve takes a few steps but, is easier than you might think.  I’ll be using the slash and spread method to create a classic puffed sleeve similar to that on Baby’s Party Dress.  Because I am not a pattern drafter, I referred to the Girl’s Peasant Top pattern for an approximate sleeve inseam on a puffed sleeve. I am making a size 3 for Sweet Pea. You may need to shorten or lengthen the sleeve length slightly for other sizes.  Ready? Let’s go:

Shorten, Slash, and Spread the Sleeve Pattern:

  1. Grab the Everyday Top sleeve pattern piece and trim to the size needed, in my case, size 3.
  2. Measure and mark the sleeve length.  My underarm sleeve length is 2 3/4″.  I curved the line up ever so slightly closer to the center fold line.  Think 1960’s puff sleeve instead of 1980’s.
  3. Trim the sleeve length on the line drawn.
  4. Draw a guide line perpendicular to the center fold line.  This will allow for keeping the pieces in line when spreading.
  5. Now we are ready to draw our spreading lines.  Draw a vertical line half an inch in from the center fold.  Draw a second, third and fourth line each one inch from the previous line.
  6. Before cutting the sleeve apart (this is the slashing part!), it is helpful to number each section as it is important to keep them in the correct order. Then cut on each slash line drawn. You should now have five sleeve sections.
  7. Next, spread the sleeve sections on a separate piece of paper. Using the guideline drawn in step 4 to keep the pieces aligned, tape each piece with a one inch gap between them. Almost done!
  8. Next we will add a little height to he cap of the sleeve, allowing it to puff. Measure 1/2″ up from the top of the center fold side of  the sleeve. Then continue the curve to meet up with the right hand, top corner of the first sleeve section. Connect the sleeve section on the hem edge and we have successfully slashed and spread a sleeve. Congratulations!
  9. Add a notch to the pattern piece at the edge of section 1. This will be where gathering threads start and stop. Be sure to transfer the notch to the sleeve as you cut it out.
  10. Cut out the sleeve. Congratulations! You have successfully slashed and spread a sleeve! Cut out two sleeves on the fold as you would for the original, long sleeve. Make sure and remember to mark the notch.
Sewing a Short Puff Sleeve:
Sewing a short, puff sleeve is easy, there are just a few modifications from the Everyday Top instructions.  Assemble the top up to the point of setting in the sleeve. Then follow these simple instructions:
  1. Sew two rows of gathering threads, at 3/8″ and 5/8″, between the notches on the top of the sleeve.
  2. Hem the sleeve with a folded casing by folding up 1/4″ then another 1/2″ and stitch close to the folded edge.
  3. Set in the sleeve. Match the center points and edges. Place another pin at the notch, this will be close to the yoke seam but not necessarily lined up.
  4. Gather the sleeve to fit. Stitch and finish this seam.
  5. Insert 1/4″ elastic in the hem casing. I used 8″ for my size 3.  I again referred to the Girl’s Peasant Top for a guideline on elastic length. As you thread the elastic through the casing, stop to secure the elastic before it disappears inside the casing by stitching through the hem and elastic about 1/4″ from the edge. Continue threading elastic through and secure on the opposite side in the same manner.
  6. Sew and finish the side and sleeve inseam in the manner describe in the Everyday Top pattern.
  7. As a final step, secure the seam allowance on the sleeve casing with a few stitches to help it lay flat and be less bulky.
  8. Finish according to the Everyday Top pattern instructions.  Hooray, it’s done!
I lengthened Sweet Pea’s top by a little bit knowing that she outgrows everything in length long before width. Then I whipped up a pair of Sterling Leggings (shortened to capri length) for a complete outfit.  Now go grab some fabric and try it for yourself. With this simple modification the Everyday Top also becomes the “Every-Season Top”!


A Year of Dresses: Fair and Square Dress Using a Border Print

Ahh, The Fair and Square Dress.  This pattern was my very first Tie Dye Diva pattern to sew way back when (okay, it was only 1 1/2 years ago…) and I instantly fell in love with Tie Dye Diva!  Her designs, her instructions, her fit, everything!  And now I’m fortunate enough to work with Jen, sew all of her patterns, and share them with you!

Okay, enough sappy history…you want to hear about this dress and of course see adorable pictures. This may be my very favorite dress for fall layering (have I said that before…? Maybe they’re all my favorite…).  I just love the way it looks! Sweet Pea is wearing a size two and I have not adjusted at all for layering.  I find that this pattern is roomy enough to accommodate a tee without any trouble.

The Fair and Square dress is available for both babies and girls.  The baby size pattern includes five sizes from 0-24 months while the girls pattern has six sizes from 2T-7/8.  This pattern is an advanced beginner pattern.  If you’ve sewn a garment or two, this would be a great next project.  The Fair and Square pattern includes both top and dress length for both babies and girls.  It is a great sundress but equally wonderful layered for cool weather. Pattern details include a hem band (I removed, more later on that), button hole or button loop options, and a decorative bow (for babies) or flower (for girls).


Having said that, I didn’t actually use the hem band, buttons, or flower detail on this dress!  So, let’s look at what I did do.

I used an adorable border print for this dress.  I love border prints and I love how they work with the Fair and Square pattern.  Do you love this sweet fabric as much as I do?  It is part of the Norwegian Woods Too collection for Michael Miller called Nuts for Dinner.  I bought my fabric at a local shop but found it online (for a great price!) at One Red Blossom. To use a border print, simply cut your skirt pieces on the crosswise grain with the bottom of the print (on the selvedge) as the bottom of your skirt.  I chose to not add a hem band to this dress so I lengthened my skirt length to accommodate.  If you’d like to leave off the hem band, I’ll make it easy for you and do the math!  For sizes 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12 months add 1 1/2″ to the skirt length.  Add 1 3/4″ for size 12-18 months. And add 2″ for all larger sizes.  Hem with a narrow hem (fold up 1/4″ and then 1/4″ again); if you’d like a deeper hem make sure to account for that when cutting.

I did not use a buttonhole or button loop on this dress.  If you’ve read past Year of Dresses posts, you know I love KAMsnaps.  I didn’t have any matching buttons for this dress so I pulled out my snaps to see what I might have.  Lo and behold, an adorable little brown heart.  Perfect!

Lastly, I added rick rack to the yoke seam for some definition.  In this case I simply heat sealed the ends, wrapped them over the edge of the seam and topstitched down the middle.  I knew that this dress was to be worn layered so was not worried about the rick rack on the inside being possibly irritating. Then instead of making a fabric flower I chose a sweet, understated, orange daisy button instead.  I love the final outcome!

I’m very pleased with the end result on this outfit.  Tee, tights, boots, and dress, yes please!  I think this will be Sweet Pea’s Thanksgiving dress, because why not…?



What are you sewing this week?  Looking for a project?  Try and fabulous Fair and Square! Now for your pattern details.

~Advanced beginner sewing level
~Top and Dress length included
~Choose buttonholes or loops
~Hem band means no hemming
~Bow or Flower embellishment included


A Year of Dresses: Fair and Square Top with Sterling Leggings

Are you still reveling in fun of summer, or are you in full back to school mode?  I am somewhere in the middle.  I homeschool my oldest; he will be in first grade this year, so I am getting our curriculum in order for the year.  But, I am also getting ready for our first no kids trip with hubby (thank you Grandma!), and that most definitely puts me in the reveling in summer category as well. And not to forget about our Southern Hemisphere readers…. Are you ready for Spring to come?  I am always more than ready for spring by the time it arrives!

Regardless of which category you fall into, you will love this week’s A Year of Dresses. And, it’s a bit of a double feature!  The Fair and Square Top (or dress) makes a great summer top, but has wide enough straps that it is also a great back to school sew for many.  It is also cute layered for cooler weather.  And, don’t overlook those ADORABLE leggings!  Sterling Leggings are the second pattern in the Diva Collection and perfect for all year long.

The Fair and Square Top and Dress is available in both baby sizes 0-24 months as well as girls sizes 2-8.  Both patterns include both top and dress lengths.  I love the versatility of this pattern.  It is great as a layered jumper in the fall and winter.  Leave the tee and leggings (or tights) off for a summer dress in warmer weather.  Fair and Square for baby and girls is identical except for the addition of a placket in baby sizes to help fit over baby’s proportionately bigger head.

Sterling Leggings will be a staple in every girls closet!  The pattern includes NINE sizes from 12 months through girls 9/10.  Jen worked tirelessly on this pattern and the fit is just perfect.  Make ruffled shorties, leggings with single or double ruffles, or plain leggings all with this one pattern.  They are perfect for pairing with your Coral Top, Easy Peasy Peasant, Butterfly Baby Top, Big Bow Top, Pat-A-Cake Dress, Fair and Square Top…the list could go on….

Take a look at the beautiful border print on my Fair and Square top!  I had the privilege of using another beautiful fabric from Vandana of The Delhi Store. I fell in love with this border print when I first saw in in Vandana’s shop and love it even more now that I have finished my top using it.  It is light and airy, perfect for summer!  The vivid red and pink flowers are so bright and cheery on the white background!  This fabric is very lightweight, giving the top beautiful drape.  My Fair and Square skirt is a little sheer.  If being sewn for an older girl or adult I might have lined the skirt, but it was not necessary for a young girl.

Be sure to read the A Year of Dresses post featuring the Belle Peasant Dress to see more beautiful fabrics from The Delhi Store.  When looking at Vandana’s shop, remember that you can save 15% off your total purchase by using the coupon code TIEDYEDIVA15 at the checkout.  I was just browsing the store again and saw many new and beautiful prints!

To make my Fair and Square top with a border print I simply added 2.5″ to the length of the top panel and hemmed with a narrow hem instead of adding the hem band.  Remember that when using border prints you have to cut on the lengthwise grain instead of the crosswise grain.  Because of the sheerness of this beautiful fabric I added a lightweight interfacing to the main fabric on the yolk for stability and to prevent seeing the seems through the fabric.  Instead of a button on the back I used a KAM Snap.  I love how quick and easy they are!

This outfit is even more adorable all together than I pictured in my head.  I used a narrow white rolled hem on the ruffles of my Sterling leggings to pull the outfit together.

I love outfits that are adorable, yet easy for play, and this one definitely wins!  I really can’t express enough just how much I love the outcome.  I had a vision for this top: simple, understated beauty.  Because of that I decided to leave the flower embellishment off the bodice.  I think it worked beautifully.

Speaking of great for playing: Sweet Pea had a great time cooking up a storm in this outfit.  One day I’ll have to teach her about aprons!



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Here’s your weekly pattern rundown:

  • Extended sizes includes 12 months through girls 9/10 in one pattern
  • Ruffled shorties, single or double ruffled leggings, and plain leggings options included
  • Knit guide included for those new to sewing knits
  • No serger necessary!
Fabric for my Fair and Square top was generously provided to me by The Delhi Store, but all opinions are my own.


Sugar Dot – Pinafore + Suspender Skirt Pattern PDF – 1 to 10 years

Sugar Dot Dress is full of vintage-style goodness and many options for sewing and wearing. Wear it alone as a breezy warm weather style and layer over a top in cooler weather (we recommend our knit Garnet Top or woven Every Day Top.). Choose pull-on style, tie back, or cross-strap button back. Add small flutters, large flutters, double flutters, or leave them off. Hem the skirt or add a ruffle. Choose a rounded or square bib front and back neckline or leave the front bib out entirely for a suspender skirt. Enclosed seam construction – no seams to finish if you use french seams on the skirt!

Nine sizes included: 12-18 months, 18-24 months, 2T, 3T, 4T, 5, 6/6X, 7/8, 9/10. See our size chart.

So many ways to make it – download our fun and free interactive Sugar Dot Dress Maker PDF to plan a dress of your very own! Needs Adobe Reader with layers function.

Recommended sewing experience: Advanced Beginner.

You will receive your PDF pattern as an instant download upon purchase, and you will need Adobe Reader to view it and regular 8.5” x 11″ or A4 printer paper and a printer for printing the patterns. No paper copy of the pattern will be mailed. This pattern supports layered printing with Adobe Reader so you only need to print the sizes you need.

Pattern is in English with standard US measurements. All seam allowances are included on all Tie Dye Diva patterns.