Open Back Lemon Drop Top

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Summers are perfect for being carefree and creative!  That’s just what my girl did here when she grabbed some fabric and began adding rubber bands and fabric dye with reckless youthful abandon.  When we pulled it out of the wash, I knew I had to make something special for her with her own personalized fabric, and now we’re sharing it with you today so you can also make your special someone a darling open back Lemon Drop top.  All you need is the Lemon Drop Tunic & Dress pattern and your fabric to get started!

Preparing your pattern

First, select your Lemon Drop tunic size using your child’s chest measurement.  Remember the tie in the back provides adjustability.  After printing and preparing your pattern (don’t forget to take advantage of our layers feature!), you will need to shorten the width of your back bodice pattern piece by folding the left side under at the single notch found at the top.  Since I’m making a size 4, I folded mine under at the green notch.  That’s your new cutting line.

To figure out your open back top’s skirt length, locate your pattern’s  “TUNIC ruffle hem cutting line” for your size and draw a line 2″ below that.

That is your new cut line for the front skirt piece.  For the back skirt pieces, add 2″ to the length measurement below for your size:

If you don’t want to use the suggested length changes in this tutorial, you can use the finished tunic lengths provided in the pattern on page 2 to help guide you.

Let’s cut some fabric!

Taking your pre-washed fabric, cut the following pieces:

  • Front skirt piece from main fabric
  • Back skirt piece from main fabric (we will alter these later)
  • Front and back bodice pieces from your main and lining fabric
  • 2 rectangular pieces from main fabric 2″ x 2.5″ for tabs
  • 2 strap pieces, but extend the pattern length by about 20″ or more for the ties (the “pointed” part will now become the end of our strap)
Let’s sew!
Preparing the Straps

Take your strap, fold it in half lengthwise right sides together and sew beginning at the pointed end and up the long side using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Clip your corners then turn right side out, press, and top stitch.

Repeat with your other strap and set aside.

Preparing the Tabs

Fold the tab in half right sides together and sew along the long edge using a 1/4″ seam allowance.  Turn right side out with a bodkin or your preferred method, press, and topstitch.  Fold your tab in half matching raw edges and baste.

Repeat with the other tab and set aside.

Sewing the Bodice

Sew your bodice according to the pattern’s instructions excluding the part where you’re attaching straps to the back.  Instead, take your main and lining back bodice pieces, position them as shown in step 3, sandwiching your tabs about 3/4″ down from the top, along the center back seam and sew as shown in pattern.

Continue through step 4 of the pattern, finishing your bodice.

Sewing Your Skirts

Take your back fabric piece only and fold it in half at the center back. Cut along this fold so that you have two back pieces.  At this seam you just cut, fold the raw edge under 1/2″ and press, and fold it under 1/2″ again, press, and sew.  Repeat with your other back piece making sure it’s along the side you just cut.

Proceed with the pattern’s instructions to finish your tunic, omitting step 9.  Yay for no closures!!!

Now go and have some summer fun knowing you’ve gotten even more out of your Lemon Drop pattern!  As always, find all of our patterns in the Tie Dye Diva Pattern Shop.  Happy Sewing!