How to Sew a Faux Fur Pom Pom

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Fur pompoms are trending again, adding a touch of whimsical floof to hats, backpacks, key fobs, and more. They also make great little creatures and cat toys! Faux fur pompoms are so easy to sew, you don’t need to buy them. Here’s how to sew a faux fur pom pom.

For this faux fur pompom tutorial you’ll need:

  • Faux fur, any kind will do. Long pile, short pile, stretch or no stretch. A 6″x6″ piece will make a pom 3″ or more inches across, which is a pretty big pompom, so you don’t need much.
  • Fiberfill or other lightweight filling (yarn scraps for example)
  • Yarn, embroidery floss, narrow ribbon or other string for hand sewing and fastening to your project
  • a yarn needle

Find a plate, canister, or something to trace a circle the size you want. In general, the finished pom pom will be about half the diameter of the circle your start with, though the pile of your fur will make a big difference. If you want to get mathy about it, a rough estimate is

Finished Pom Pom Diameter = ½ Cut Circle Diameter + (Pile Length x 2).

For example, both these poms were made with a 5″ diameter circle. The low pile minky fur finishes about 2.5″ diameter, the high pile faux fur is just under 6″ diameter because it has 1.5″ pile.

Mark the circle on the wrong side of your fur. Use scissors (not a rotary cutter) and snip just the backing fabric around the circle to cut it out. Rotary cutters will give your fur a bad haircut, don’t do it!

Thread your needle with about an arm’s length of string/yarn/ribbon. Don’t double it over, just pull the lead end far enough that it won’t come undone as you sew.

Working on the wrong side of the fabric, make tiny stitches all around the outside of the circle, about ¼” from the raw edge. Stitches about ⅜” long work well, but this will depend on your fur fabric, needle, and string.

or you can kind of make your stitches all different lengths like I did – oops haha

Finish with both ends of the string on the wrong side of the fabric. If your pompom hasn’t started to curl up, pull the strings a little to make a cup. Stuff very lightly with your desired fill.

Pull to close and knot the string ends. Use them to fasten the pompom to your project.

Your pompom wuvs you

That’s all there is to it! I hope you’ve enjoyed the faux fur pompom tutorial. They look great with our Fun Fleece Hats Pattern, like this one sewn by Geneviéve O.!

This was store-bought pompom, which was the inspiration for this tutorial!

Now, go raid that remnant bin and pompom all the things!