Free Heart Pocket Tutorial featuring The Storybook Pinafore Sewing Pattern

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For this Late for a Date blog hop, we chose two of our patterns that suit the Wonderland collection perfectly. First we made an Easy Peasy Peasant dress from the adorable pocket watch print Late for a Date in Blue and paired it with a solid white Storybook Pinafore made using the Cross Back Modification here on the blog [EDIT: Our Sugar Dot pinafore includes a cross back view with no extra tutorial needed! See Sugar Dot pinafore pattern for girls 12 months to 10 years here]. A simple black Knot or Not Headband adds a classic Alice look.





Now, we have a free heart shaped pocket tutorial for you!  We’ve also paired this breezy summer dress with a Knot or Not Headband to complete the look.





Let’s take a closer look at those heart-shaped pockets!  It is the perfect shape and so much fun.  What little girl wouldn’t love heart-shaped pockets?  They can be added to just about anything and are the perfect place for stashing treasures.


Heart Shaped Pocket Tutorial

Let’s get to the heart shaped pocket tutorial!

  • First, download the pocket pattern piece: TDD Free Heart Pocket .  Then print at 100% or to your personal preference. Here are some general recommendations for print scale on a girl’s dress. For sizes 4/5 and above print at 100%. Print at 90% for size 2/3, 80% for sizes 6-24 months, and 70% for 0-3 months.
  • As directed on the pocket pattern piece, cut two hearts per pocket. I cut 4 hearts to make 2 pockets.  Make sure to transfer the dots from on either side of the heart at the top of the pattern piece to the right side of the fabric.
  • Use a 1/4″ seam allowance to sew two pockets right sides together.  Leave about an inch unstitched on one side for turning.  You may find it helpful to mark the stitching line so you can sew nice, precise points at the top and bottom.


  • Before turning, clip into the top center of the heart right to the stitching line and clip across the bottom of the heart close to the stitching line.  Also, clip curves around the top of the heart or trim with pinking shears (as I have).  If trimming with pinking shears, do not trim the area left open for turning.

  • Now turn your heart through the opening.  Use a small tool (knitting needles, chopsticks, small screwdriver) to push out the top curves and bottom point.  Press well turning under the 1/4″ seam allowance at the turning point.
  • Almost done!  Topstitch around the entire heart 1/4″ from the edge.  Again, it may be helpful to mark your stitching line at the top and bottom of the heart. Then, edgestitch (1/8″ from the edge or less) the top of the heart between marks only.

  • Pin the pockets to your garment.  I have chosen to add the pockets last as it is easier for me to place them correctly on a finished garment.  For the Storybook Pinafore, I have placed my pockets centered under the straps vertically on my pinafore and a few inches below the bodice seam.  Pin pockets in place and edgestitch 1/8″ from the edge around bottom of the heart between the marks to secure the pocket to the dress, connecting your stitches to the ones you sewed on the top portion between the marks.


  • Finally, sew a bartack at the marked points, connecting the 1/8″ stitching line and the 1/4″ stitching line.  This will reinforce the attachment of the pockets so tugging hands don’t accidentally tear the pocket off.  If your sewing machine does not have a pre-programmed bartack stitch, use a close zig-zag similar to that on a buttonhole. Enjoy your heart pocket!


We hope you have loved seeing our Alice-inspired dresses in Wonderland and the free heart shaped pocket tutorial as much as we loved sewing them!



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126 thoughts on “Free Heart Pocket Tutorial featuring The Storybook Pinafore Sewing Pattern

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