Christmas in July – Fabric Wine Gift Bag Tutorial!

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You’ll need:

For the bag: 2 pieces 6.5″ x 16″. If your fabric is nondirectional you can fit this into a quarter yard, or of course could use a fat quarter.

For the ties: 1 strip  36″ x 3″.  You can substitute ribbon for the tie if you really want to speed things up (“uh oh, party in an hour, honey, what are we bringing??”), but I love the rich look of the fabric bow.

Use a 1/4″ seam allowance throughout.

1. Press the ties strip in half lengthwise with right sides together.

At each end, fold the raw edges to the folded edge to make a 45-degree angle crease, and unfold.

Start at one crease, and stitch around, leaving a gap in the center about 1.5″ for turning.

Clip the corners, turn, and press. Set the ties aside.

2. Mark the back bag piece for ties placement 3.5″ from the top edge along center back. (Mark the right side of the fabric so you can find it easily later.) Place the bag front and back with right sides together.  Sew around 3 edges, leaving one short side open, which will be the top of the bag. Finish this seam with a serger or pinking shears, unless you want to give your honored giftee a tangled mess of threads with their wine.

3. Form the gussets. Pinch the bottom of the bag on both sides of the bottom seam and pull the front and back layers apart. Line up the bottom seam with the side seam, forming a little triangle as you do so.


Press this triangle into place, and measure a scant 1.5″ from the peak of the triangle. Pin or mark across at this point, then stitch along the line. Repeat for the other bottom corner. Press the triangles well.

Look like this now? Good! Almost done!

4. Hem the top of the bag by serging and turning under ½”, or by turning under ¼” and pressing, then again 1/2” and pressing again, and stitching all the way around.

5. Turn the bag right side out, poking the corners out square.  Center the tie at the mark you made on the back of the bag. Pin, and then stitch, into place, taking care to keep the opposite side of the bag out of the way as you sew.

Fill, give, and enjoy!

For more Christmas giving ideas, check out our Gift and Holiday Sewing patterns on the Tie Dye Diva Patterns instant-download website. I made some Gift Card Holders from scraps, but we have pattern for Christmas Stockings, hats in sizes for literally everyone, scarves and more.

4 thoughts on “Christmas in July – Fabric Wine Gift Bag Tutorial!

  1. Love these gift bags my friend has been looking for a gift box for a bottle she will be delighted when I make her one of these Anne

  2. This is a great bag to put hand soaps for hostess gifts for the holiday season. I'm pinning it!

  3. I just finished making the ties from scratch. Although it looks very sharp, it was a PAIN to turn the whole thing inside out! Next time I think I’m going for a ribbon… Thanks for sharing, though!

  4. What tool do you use? I like a long thin object like a chopstick – poke in the angle tip, and keep pushing until you can see it in the gap left for turning, then pull it right side out, do the same for the other side.

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