Sewing a Continuous Lap Placket

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Adding a placket into the skirt portion of a dress allows the dress to open wider, which can be handy when dressing wiggly toddlers or struggling with kids with big noggins. There are a few methods of adding a placket. One that I teach in several Tie Dye Diva patterns is the “continuous lap placket”.…

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Make a Wear-Alone Dress from the Storybook Pinafore Pattern

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Pretty, frilly, pinafores! Originally pinafores were a protective apron designed to keep the dress beneath clean. (The word ‘pinafore’ comes from the fact they were originally just “pinned” to the front, or “fore” of a dress.) Tie Dye Diva Storybook Pinafore Pattern What if you love their vintage, ruffly goodness but … well … just…

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Using Buttonhole / Adjustable Elastic in the Potato Chip Skirt or other patterns

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The Potato Chip Skirt pattern has a flat front and elastic back, plus separate waistband, so it’s a perfect candidate for adjustable “buttonhole” elastic to accommodate a growing child or a child whose waist size you aren’t sure of. You can use this adjustable waistband technique in this tutorial in any pants, shorts, or skirt…

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Hip to Be Square – Sewing Faux Mitered Corners on Cloth Napkins or other Hemmed Squares

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Suppose you have a square (or rectangle) to hem –  a set of cloth napkins, a tablecloth, or your Tie Dye Diva Fairytale Dress. Did you know you have some choices for hemming techniques? You could of course make a quick rolled hem with your serger, but even if you want a folded hem, you…

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